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Put More Hustle in Your Side Hustle

Put More Hustle in Your Side Hustle

Category: Tips and Tricks

Very few of us would say “Nah, my finances are golden. I couldn’t use any more extra cash if it were handed to me.” For the majority of the population, a little extra padding in the wallet or bank account would be a welcome change. But maintaining two work schedules can be downright impossible. So, what can you do?


Gift Ideas Under $25 for the Geek In Your Life

Gift Ideas Under $25 for the Geek In Your Life

Category: Tips and Tricks

As the holiday season approaches, and thoughts turn to what to buy who (and how to pay for it all), we’d like to offer a list of 10 gifts you can purchase at Amazon for under $25 (which just happens to be the PointClub redemption threshold!). All perfect for the geek in your life (or for you… if you’re the biggest geek in the family). Nothing says you can’t put these on your own wish list.


A Way to Give When Money is Tight

A Way to Give When Money is Tight

Category: Tips and Tricks

World Kindness Day was established in 1997 by the World Kindness Movement to promote kindness and thoughtfulness toward others. It is observed November 13th of each year. You may be wondering at this point what connects World Kindness Day and completing surveys online for rewards with Pointclub.


Who is Right for Online Survey Work?

Who is Right for Online Survey Work?

Category: Tips and Tricks

Do a general search for “make extra cash” or “online business opportunities” or an assortment of other word combinations, and you’re likely to see a sizeable list of… well, lists. These days, just about everyone needs or wants that side hustle to bring in some extra cash.

Who is Right for Online Surveys

But not everyone can do every side job. (more…)

Not All Online Surveys are Created Legal

Not All Online Surveys are Created Legal


As little as 10 years ago, the majority of online survey sites were less than trustworthy, if not outright shams. In the last decade, the balance has shifted and now the greater share of survey sites are completely legitimate.

Young entrepreneur working on online business from home on his home working table with hand drawn business icons and arrow background. Freelance lifestyle.Internet of things concept.-Stock Vector

There are ways to make some extra cash right from home.

But not all are created equal! (more…)

Top 6 Creative Ways to Save Money

Top 6 Creative Ways to Save Money


Do you find yourself with empty pockets at the end of every month? If so, it might be time to get creative with your savings habits. Everyone comes on hard times, so read on to find out how you can be better prepared for your next rainy day.

6 – Cut Your Utility Bills

Unplugging your appliances every night can help save money because old devices, TVs, chargers, and kitchen appliances use electricity, even when they’re off. It might seem like a bit of trouble, but experts at Energy Star say that it can help you save about $100 a year.

5 – Replace Light Bulbs

Switching to compact fluorescent bulbs can help you save money on your electric bill as well. Full spectrum compact fluorescents are very appealing to the eye, and don’t feel “industrial” when used in the home. You can find them at any home improvement store.

4 – Sell Your Stuff

The Simple Dollar website suggests looing through your belongings and putting your unwanted items up for sale. You can either do a yard sale, OfferUp, or Craig’s List. Either way you choose, selling off unwanted items frees up space in your home and brings in some extra cash; a win-win for all.

3 – Flea Market Finds

Bring your smartphone with you and visit a local flea market, swap meet, or estate sale. Look up the value and desirability of items before you commit to them or you’ll be left with a bunch of unwanted items…and have to repeat #8 above. Well-planned purchases of vintage or antique items (as well as designer clothing & accessories) can yield a pretty penny if you play your cards right.

2 – Reduce Your Cable Subscription

Some of us pay upwards of $250 a month for cable/satellite TV. It’s just not worth it. Sure, you have access to 500 channels, but do you really need them all? If you write down the networks you mostly watch, you’re likely to find that you can do away with some or all of the premium movie channels and full channel packages. In fact, many people are switching to Internet-based TV now, which also saves a lot of money.

1 – AirBNB Your Next Vacation

In many cases, you can save money on accommodations when you choose to stay at someone’s place instead of a large-chain hotel. When you compare prices, you may be surprised to learn that some AirBNB rentals are more than 50% less than hotels. Try it before booking your next vacation and see how much you can save.

Saving Even More by Making Extra Cash

If you need some extra cash in your savings account, try getting paid to take online surveys. It’s a great way to make money in your spare time…and it’s fun. You’ll get to provide feedback to companies on all of the products and services you love. And at PointClub, you’ll get points for every survey you start. Points can be saved up and cashed in for money or gift cards.

PointClub is free to join, and we reward points to our members for surveys they finish as well as those they don’t. We’re the only site that helps you get paid for online surveys even if you can’t finish for some reason.

Join today for free and we’ll give you a $5 signup bonus and 2,000 extra points just for providing your email address and the data we need to start matching you up with our rewarding surveys.

Money-Saving Strategies Everyone Can Do

Money-Saving Strategies Everyone Can Do


One of the biggest reasons why many people live paycheck to paycheck is because they think they don’t have any money to spare for savings.” Honestly, you can’t afford not to save money in order to help get ahead financially.

Here are some easy ways to save some cash, even if you’re on an extremely tight budget.

Eliminate Debt

A recent article in The Cut online touts the benefits of paying off your smallest debts first while paying the minimum amount due on your other balances. Dave Ramsey was the first person to pioneer this financially savvy technique called the “snowball method”.

Multiple studies have been done to prove Dave’s theory. Basically, by following this method, you can get rid of your smallest debts, then take the money you’re saving from those monthly payments and apply it toward your larger balances (on top of with the minimum payment).

As you continue to “snowball” your payments into larger ones, your credit card balances begin to be reduced more rapidly. This method allows you to apply increasingly more discretionary money toward your debt. It also helps to pay it off more quickly than either making minimum payments on everything or paying off the larger balances first.

Keep Spending in Check suggests following the “50/20/30 rule.” This is a great spending rule to apply when you’re in your 20s because it helps to establish budget guidelines that can help future goals be achieved. But, it’s never too late, so start applying this rule as soon as possible.

The rule states the following:

  • 50% of your income can be spent on basic needs such as rent, groceries, and your gas/electric bill.
  • 20% of your paycheck should be put away into savings and paying off debts.
  • 30% of your take home can be spent on non-essentials like eating out, entertainment, travel, etc.

When you follow these guidelines for spending parameters, you’re far more likely to stay within a budget that can help you get ahead. Many people who have applied this principle have been able to keep debt low, save up for what they want, and go on more vacations.

Earn Some Extra on the Side

Savings accounts are as simple as money in versus money out. If you need to make a little extra cash to help you pay bills or add to your savings each month, why not get paid for online surveys?

They are quick, easy, fun, and very rewarding. Some serious survey-takers report making between $12 and $18 an hour. Many online paid survey jobs offer more than cash; you can earn points that can be cashed in for prizes or gift cards.

PointClub is one of the best paid online survey sites because we reward points for every survey you start. That’s right! Even if you’re unable to finish your survey because your baby woke up from nap or your neighbor wants to chat, you’ll still get rewarded just for trying.

Your points earned can be traded in for cash or gift cards, so don’t wait another day. Join for free today and get a $5 bonus for signing up!

How to Stay Motivated to Finish Your Online Surveys

How to Stay Motivated to Finish Your Online Surveys


Motivation. It’s a word that reminds us of running to the finish line or sticking with something we’ve started. If you have been doing online surveys for some time, you might be struggling with finding the motivation to keep going.

Here are several ways to ensure that you stay motivated enough to reach your finish line.

Write Down Your Reasons & Goals

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of why you decided to do online paid survey jobs in the first place. Did you want extra money to spend on yourself? Did you need to pay off some bills? If you can go back to the reasons why you got started in the first place, it can be a great reminder of why you should keep on going.

Write your reasons down along with your goals for earnings on a large sticky note. Post it someplace where you’ll see it often. This visual reminder can really help you stay on track.

Identify Smaller Steps to Reaching Your Goals

A lofty goal is great to have, but if you don’t know how to get there it can be hard to stay motivated. Tony Robbins was quoted on this very topic in a recent Forbes Magazine article. He advises avoiding the stress of feeling overwhelmed by breaking your large goals into smaller, more attainable ones.

For example, if you set a goal of completing a certain number of surveys each day, you will probably need to set some smaller goals such as:

  • Identify first thing in the morning which surveys you have been invited to.
  • Have your inbox set to alert you to new survey invitations so you can add to your to-do list until you’re ready to start.
  • If your invitation list is smaller than what you need to meet your goal, find sign up for several more sites that offer legitimate paid online surveys.
  • Decide on the amount of time you need to complete enough surveys to meet your goal.
  • Shift some of your daily activities to accommodate the time you need to reach those goals (sometimes, video gaming has to wait).

Join Point Club for Free Today

If you want to get invited to more online surveys, join Point Club today. We’re free to join, and we reward points for every survey you start. That’s right! You’ll even get some points for surveys you don’t complete for one reason or another. Points can be turned in for cash or gift cards.

We are the only way to get paid to do online surveys, even if you don’t finish them. Get a $5 signup bonus for joining today and an additional 2000 points for providing us with your contact information and personal data we need to send you surveys.

Fun Things to Do with Extra Cash Earned from Online Surveys

Fun Things to Do with Extra Cash Earned from Online Surveys


Who would say no to earning extra cash? It’s crazy to even imagine that, right? In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the many fun things you can do with money earned from online paid survey jobs.

Money for Entertainment

Sometimes, finances don’t allow for splurging on tickets to your favorite artist or attending that music festival you’ve always wanted to go to. On average, you can get paid for online surveys to the tune of roughly $12 to $18 per hour.

Remember that your earning potential depends largely on:

  • How much time you spend on surveys
  • How many you complete in an hour
  • The number of surveys you qualify for

Survey hosts will base their invitation list on a number of factors including your marital status, parental status, age, gender, annual income, spending habits, and personal interests. It’s not likely that you’ll qualify for every survey from every host, so it can be a challenge to find enough surveys to do to earn a minimum of $12 an hour.

However, if you sign up with multiple survey websites (make sure they are legitimate first!), you can increase your odds of getting invited to surveys. Once you’ve been invited to complete a survey, it’s critical that you respond immediately and finish it as soon as you can.

If you wait to respond, the survey quota could be reached before you get a chance to complete it. This means that the other people that responded first will get paid while you are left empty handed.

Money for Date Nights

Anyone up for dinner and a movie? Date nights are one of the first things to go out the window for most new parents. That’s why it’s so important to spend time together reconnecting. When you get paid to take online surveys, you can do them from anywhere at any time. How about when the baby is napping or after you put the kids down for the night?

The flexibility of taking legitimate paid online surveys is so appealing because it fits in with anyone’s schedule. Once you earn enough points, cash, or gift cards, you can take your significant other out for a night on the town. The best part is that the money you spend on your date night won’t dip into the money you need to pay your bills.

Point Club is Your Spot for Free Online Paid Surveys

Get a $5 signup bonus and an extra 2000 points for providing us with your email address and the personal information we need to send you free online surveys. It’s free to join, rewarding to be a part of, and can give you the financial flexibility to splurge once in awhile. Join today!

Meet PointClub, One of the Best Online Paid Survey Sites

Meet PointClub, One of the Best Online Paid Survey Sites


We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our members love our fun surveys and the generous points they earn. Learn more about how we pay our members, and what makes us one of the most popular destinations for online surveys.

You Get Points for Participating

The way you get paid to do online surveys on our site is simple. You start a survey and you bank your points in your member account. We award some points for just starting a survey, and the full amount of points for finishing. It’s important to note that we’re the only survey site that rewards points for incomplete or abandoned surveys.

Here’s how it works. First, you’ll be invited to a survey. This invitation process is based on the survey host’s (the company who wants the survey done) criteria. The more narrow the audience needs to be or the longer the survey takes, the more points you’ll get.

For example, a narrow survey audience might look like this: People who live in the Eastern U.S. and have used an electric room heater in the last 3 months. If you meet those criteria, you’re more likely to get invited to participate.

Be patient when it comes to getting invited to surveys. Like every survey site out there, a limited number of surveys will be available to each person. This is why it’s a good idea to diversify by joining several different reputable survey sites. This will help increase your chances for qualifying for multiple surveys.

How Much Does Point Club Pay?

Each of our surveys pays an average of 200 to 2000+ points. The higher paying surveys either take longer to complete or require a very narrow audience. Each point is worth $.0001, so it takes 1000 points to earn one dollar. The survey host must approve surveys before points are awarded to your member account. This usually takes about two to four weeks.

How Can I Earn Extra Points?

You can get $5.00 instantly added to your account as a signup bonus for joining today. An extra 500 points can be earned when you provide us with an email address or sign up through Google or Facebook. You can also earn 500 points for filling out our registration form, and another 1000 points for confirming your email address. That’s $7.00 waiting for you right now.

Join PointClub Today

We’re 100% free to join. Once you reach a certain threshold, your points can be traded in for gift cards (digital or physical cards) or cash.

See how rewarding our surveys are by signing up today!