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How to Avoid Getting Kicked Out of Online Surveys

How to Avoid Getting Kicked Out of Online Surveys


Did you know that you could get kicked out of an online survey for doing certain things? It’s true! Some people think they can “game” the system and get away with it, but here’s what you should know about why that doesn’t work.

Telling the Survey What You Think It Wants to Hear

When a survey asks you questions about your likes, dislikes, and personal data such as your annual income, always answer honestly. It can be a temptation to answer in a way that you think the survey is looking for, but that never pays off.

Our site flags survey answers if they start looking suspiciously inconsistent. Dishonesty is the fastest way to trigger those red flags. Here’s how we do this…A member’s profile and prior survey answers help our system get to know that person better. If answers are inconsistent with the existing data provided by the member, it’s highly likely that they will be disqualified from the survey.

We go through every one of our surveys ourselves to see what types of answers will flag our system. This helps us to detect and prevent unsavory activity (and bugs in the system) before our members are invited to participate.

In the long run, everyone benefits from honest answers — the hosts get the feedback they need and the members get paid to do online surveys.

The Survey Quota Has Been Reached

Just like a limited time sale, survey invitations are limited as well. If you’re in the middle of a survey and it suddenly kicks you out, it’s likely that we’ve already reached our participant quota.

This is why it’s a good idea to have a separate email account set up for your survey activity. Here are the top 2 reasons to do this:

  1. Your survey invitations will be easy to find in your inbox (time is of the essence).
  2. You can set up alerts when new emails come in (to help you start your surveys ASAP).

There’s an Audience “Type” Needed

The survey hosts have a certain type of participant in mind. Feedback is usually needed from a very specific number of people, with certain demographics, and in a narrow time frame. This means that a survey quota may need to be filled within a few days’ time. Starting your survey as soon as possible raises your chances of being able to complete it before this window closes.

Surveys can sometimes test participants to make sure that they’re the “real deal”. We call this type of question a “red herring” because they are meant to flag people who are answering any which way instead of honestly.

Mindlessly answering question just to get through it and get paid doesn’t work. Our system is designed to catch this type of participant…and disqualify them during the survey. In other words, the person gets kicked out of the survey!

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Who is Captain PC?

Who is Captain PC?

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You might be wondering who is this guy? Why should I care? Well, settle in and listen up.

I’m not an alien who crash landed into dusty farmland. I wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider or even coated in toxic slime during some freak accident. And thankfully I’m not an orphan driven by vengeance for my beloved parents. Unlike those other guys, I was born with my powers, but I kept my abilities hidden from the world. I didn’t want to just blend in with the crowd of men in tights fighting to save humanity from the latest attempts of supervillains. A hero born with natural talent is unique and as such deserves to stand out from the pack. I wanted to set myself apart and was waiting for just the right cause to fight for. I was determined to find my real purpose in this world. So I bided my time and continued to develop and hone my gifts, waiting and searching.

While tinkering away online one day, I stumbled across what can only be described as complete and utter hopelessness. What I saw there ignited a spark in my soul. I had never encountered such misery and desperation. They spoke of how monotonous the online survey world had become. They felt ignored and unappreciated. Their spirits were broken. They had lost their lust for life. It was like they had given up on the world. They needed a hero. They needed me!

I knew I had to do something. Using my powers, I created something new and innovative. Something to give people what they are looking for — Appreciation for their time. So, I created PointClub: The online panel where people will earn for their devotion and time, instead of just for completing the actual surveys.

Because, PointClub was generated with and is fueled by my superpowers it has something which other panels lack — unlimited opportunities to earn. Clubbers can earn from everything and anything — Surveys, Sweeps, Contest, Posts. Once I know about my fellow clubbers I can match their details with the available surveys using my superpowers to discover the best survey opportunities for them. Join PointClub and I’ll take you on a wild adventure which includes — Cash, Gift Cards, Charities and other rewards!!

Go forth good PointClubbers!

How Do Focus Groups Work?

How Do Focus Groups Work?

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Today’s lesson from the Clubhouse:

A focus group is a target cluster of consumers put together for a discussion on certain products, opinions, perceptions, or even packaging. Usually 8-12 participants are pulled from selected demographics and they are paid for their time.

While surveys and polls generate number driven data, focus groups are capable of capturing other types of data. Focus groups are conducted face to face which means not only are the companies capable of gathering verbal responses, they can also see body language and facial expressions. With the client on site and able to witness the live action, the feedback gathered tends to hold more weight with the client as opposed to statistics and numbers from traditional surveys.

Focus groups are led by a moderator who introduces the topic and guides the discussion. They are usually held in a conference type room with microphones and a one-way mirror. The clients can observe via the mirror or the videotaped sessions, like Commissioner Gordon, except the clients are often provided tasty snacks and maybe even lunch.

One of the drawbacks of focus groups is that they can be too small of a sample which might not accurately represent the thoughts of the buying market as a whole. Another hitch is if the moderator is weak the discussion may not fully capture relevant responses. The moderator is responsible for making sure everyone participates and they have to navigate the discussion without indicating the responses that the client is hoping for. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

What actually happens with a focus group: The moderator introduces the subject and guides the discussion based on what the client is looking for. Participants than actively engage in the discussion and interact amongst each other. The findings of the focus group are then compiled into a report. The client then acts accordingly based on the reported findings of the focus group.

Focus groups are just one more tool in the market research arsenal.

Stay sharp, Point Clubbers!