12 Must Have W@H Gadgets to Step Up Your Home Office Game

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In January we posted a blog about creating an optimized home office space, and it definitely seemed to be a popular topic. Telecommuting, remote work, or working from home as a small business owner are all increasing work venues. Completing surveys and seeking other e-reward opportunities are great ways to supplement those income avenues, so we want to help our members create the best workspace possible.

Now that you’ve implemented some of the tips we shared, let’s help you tweak out that space! We have a list of a dozen gadgets, gizmos, and productivity aids to help you work better. Some are purely fun to lighten the mood; some are very much designed to improve your wellbeing as you work.

All links are to Amazon, since it’s the most common marketplace on the planet and all prices and availability are correct as of the day this article is posted.

Let’s start with some fun. You need to dress for success to work at home.

If you work from a home office, you still have to get dressed, right? Well, the degree of “dressed” may vary, but you can start with this This is My Work From Home T-Shirt available for men and women. Only $19.99 and available with amazon Prime.

Productivity Comes in Many Forms. Here are some tools to help.

Self-adhesive notes are pretty much a go-to for everyone, whether you work at home, work in an office, or just need to remember what comes next. And most of us are guilty of sticking those notes around the edge of our monitors for easy view.

Here is a monitor message board to organize all those notes, and then some. This board is easily applied to the side of your monitor, and easily removed if needed. It can even hold your smartphone for easy viewing of any incoming calls or messages. Available via Amazon Prime for only $10.99!

“Sticking” with monitors, how many times have you seen someone stack reams of paper to bring their monitor to a higher level? (If you’ve done it yourself, we can leave it at “someone” doing it.) This monitor stand not only helps you find that right height for your monitor, but gives you quick access to all your little desk things like those notepads we talked about above. All right there, easy to grab.

Don’t like using and tossing all those self-adhesive notes? We have a solution! Dry-erase magnetic whiteboard planning cards! For $38.00 with Amazon Prime you can get 25 of these 4” x 6” reusable notecards. Make a note… stick it up… complete the task… wipe and repeat. No tossing away required.

If you’re like most of us, you have a To Do List. Some use those notes, some just notebooks, some rely on their own memory. Here is a Daily To Do List planner pad to help you start each day by getting your thoughts in order. Each 8” x 11” sheet helps you categorize your day to get things done! Only $10.99 with Amazon Prime.

Time is Money, and Time is Valuable. Here are some devices to help you keep on task.

On the tech side, here is a hexagon shaped rotating timer to help you do everything from reminding yourself to take a break to helping you be mindful about the length of a telephone call. Available in various colors for only $17.99 with Amazon Prime.

Want something a bit less tech, and a bit more soothing? How about hourglass sand timers, available in 5 minute and 30 minute versions? Careful, though, don’t get lost in the sand flow and drift off during a conference call! Gotta love Amazon Prime, and this is available for $27.99.

Speaking of Soothing, Here are Some Desktop Décor Items to Help You De-Stress

You may not know this device is called a Newton’s Cradle, but I’m willing to bet you recognize this iconic perpetual motion desktop toy. Ever had one? How long is your record to keep it going? J Don’t have a record? You can make one for $19.99 with Amazon Prime.

If you want something a bit more natural, here is an illuminated relaxation fountain with illuminated waterfall to help you fill the noise with some calm. Another great Amazon Prime deal at just $15.00.

Improve Your Health with Ergonomic and Movement Promoting Furniture

Until now, all of our recommendations have been easy to purchase and easy to pay for item but sometimes some investment into yourself is needed. By now, you’ve likely heard of standing desks or adjustable sit/stand desk. When they were first introduced some were so pricey most people excluded the idea of purchasing one, but with time and development they’ve become more affordable.

Here is one of the most popular Stand Up Converter/Quick Sit to Stand computer stands for your desk. Stand when you want, sit when you need. Available in various colors to match your home office décor, you can have this easy to assemble stand delivered with Amazon Prime for $169.95.

Take your sit/stand game a step further with this Wobble Stool Chair for $114.99. A wobble stool chair can increase focus, improve core muscle strength, and burn more calories than sitting in a standard desk chair. Just so long as you don’t topple over!

Now that we’ve given you some shopping ideas to consider, we hope you find a few that encourage and support your goals of working from home, with PointClub being a great addition to your income flow.

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