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A study completed by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics in 2019 showed there has been a significantly increasing trend in the amount of people working remotely. Since 2007, the U.S. has seen a 159% increase in remote work options!

Working from home is definitely a perk, but it’s more than a perk. Studies show employees who work remotely stay longer with their companies, and a 2-year Stanford Study showed remote workers have increased productivity. Remote work increases morale and decreases stress. And remote work is environmentally friendly since those workers aren’t commuting every day!

If you have the option to work remote – or if you are self-employed, or have an off hours side hustle – you should make sure your work space is designed for productivity.

Here are some key points to keep in mind.

As with Real Estate, it’s all about Location! Location! Location!    

If you are working at home full time, or even part time, your office space needs to be a space that doesn’t smother you, doesn’t feel claustrophobic, and doesn’t make you dread the space. You may be inclined to claim a closet under the stairs so you can say you have a guest bedroom, but don’t. You need to be happy in your space to be productive.

Choose a Room (or corner of a room, if necessary) with a View

Let that sun in! If you’re trying to chug your way through a workday with no sunlight on your face, you’re going to experience more physical and mental fatigue. We need that beautiful sun to revive us! A light and airy space where you can get fresh air is a huge win.

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

You may be inclined to save a few dollars by purchasing the $79 task chair on sale at your local office supply store but trust us when we say you’re gonna want the upgrade. You’re planted in that chair to work, sure, but if your back hurts and your neck aches at the end of the shift because you don’t have the right support you’re going to lose some of those remote benefits.

You might even consider an adjustable standing desk that allows you to stand when you want and sit when you need. In fact, some studies have shown a few possible benefits of a standing desk might include reduced blood sugar levels, lowered risk for heart disease, reduction in back pain, and an improvement in mood and energy levels.

Make the Work Space Yours

Typically, when working in an office environment your ability to customize and personalize your work area is relatively limited. Pictures of the kids or dogs in a frame on your desk, maybe a potted plant, and that special mouse pad your sister bought you last Christmas.

Working in your own home removes a lot of those barriers. Paint the walls what you want. Hang pictures and posters if you want. Create a functionable space that also works for you. Now, you might need to think about what’s directly behind you if you ever do video conference calls, but beyond that make the space reflect you. Feeling like you belong in your environment is a great morale booster.

Don’t Forget to Move

One downfall of working at home is sometimes the lack of distractions. You might think “Isn’t it good not to be distracted?” Well, yes. But distractions break us out of our pinpoint focus and makes us realize we haven’t moved in two hours.

Be sure to get up and walk at least once an hour. Make that a good time to top off your water (because hydration!) or just take a stroll through the house to get you moving. If you have the flexibility to do so, maybe fit in a walk with the dog or a stroll to the corner store during your workday.

If you were in the office you’d get a lunch break. Just because your “cafeteria” is now your own kitchen doesn’t mean you don’t get to take a break. Insist on it with yourself. Set an alarm to remind you to get up and move.

Being your own boss doesn’t negate any of this. If you’re working from home for a variety of reasons – not the least of which may be you are your own boss – you still need to make sure your space is your space. Maybe you’re writing a book! Maybe you’re hitting PointClub to earn some rewards! Whatever the case may be, take care of you and everything else falls into place.

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