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A few weeks back we gave a quick rundown of some of the new features within PCHQ 3.0, and we’re super stoked to say we have even more changes to tell you about!

And more to come! I know, right? It’s exciting!

We figure if you’re going to be completing surveys to earn those points for payout, you might as well have fun while you do it. Right? Right? Right! We’re becoming more than just surveys. We’re evolving, and we’re ecstatic to have you along.

Easy Access to Survey Rockets         

Survey Rockets have long been a staple here at PointClub. Survey Rockets are information seeking missions that, once completed, provide guaranteed points to your PointBank. Now, mind you, these missions are into the unknown and sometimes that makes for a bumpy ride. But if you stick with it, and just keep going until you’re back in orbit around PointClub, your reward awaits at the end.

Access to Survey Rockets can either be gained via the “Survey Rockets” tab on your Missions page, or from the top of your “Stuff You Might Like” sidebar where present (which will, in turn, bring you to the Survey Rockets section of your Missions page).

New Feature Alert: Easy Points with Pollfish

Pollfish is an additional way to gain points both outside of PointClub yet within the PointClub sphere. Surveys for Pollfish can reward anywhere from 10 to 2,000 points depending on the length and fine tuning of the survey. Just click on the Pollfish icon in your handy dandy “Stuff You Might Like” sidebar and get started.

Updates to your Mission Launcher (and more to come!)

We have made some designation changes within your Missions Launcher dashboard, which are steps along the way to even more updates.

Some of our members have already noticed there is a slight color coding to your missions, and there is most definitely a reason behind it. For now, we will say the color coding is specific to the type of mission you might be completing. Once upon a time, back in PCHQ 2.0, a mission was a mission was a mission when it came to the front door access. You know your possible points, but the content was a complete surprise.

While there’s still an element of the unknown to the missions, you can now go in with knowledge of at least what category the mission would fall into. Larger categories include and are defined currently as Health & Wellness, Consumer, Business, Food & Beverage, Medical, Entertainment, Vehicle, and more.

The color coding is the first step from the starting line, with the finish line in the distance. Trust us when we say what’s waiting there is really awesome. REALLY awesome. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is the bestest of the best PointClub HQ.

We have aligned with outside partners to bring you more ways to get those points

Our Offer Board is a brand-new addition to PointClub, hosting point earning options from our business affiliates Offertoro and Adwall. You can download apps and games, watch videos, complete additional surveys, or sign up for a variety of offers through this new access point.

This isn’t the beginning, but far from the end

Keep watching as we expand on PCHQ to build a community where you can play, participate, provide opinions and input, and earn reward points while doing it.

Access the Member GuideBook from any page!

Wherever you might be on the PointClub site, you can easily access the updated Member GuideBook. Check out the bottom left corner. Click on that icon and page one of the GuideBook will open for you. What might you find here?

  • The Super-Powered World of PointClub. What is a survey distress signal? How do missions work to save the world from the chaos of not knowing? Learn that here.
  • Guidelines, Rules, and Tips. Learn to be the best survey superhero you can be. Know what to do, how to do it, and all the while avoid the downfalls and temptations of Super Villains!
  • Every Superhero has an origin story, and at PCHQ we have plenty of superheroes. Learn where they came from and why they do what they do.

Easy to Find and Utilize Help Center

We are here to help, and we’re making it easier for you to find the information you need. On any page of the site, check out the bottom right corner for the Help Center. Here you can read a variety of Frequently Asked Questions to help you in your superhero journey.

Can’t find what you need? Have a specific question on your account? You can send an email to or use the contact form available in the Help Center.

These updates are just the beginning. As we add more elements, we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. We want to be THE BEST survey site, and we’re working hard to get there. We’ll cover more features and new additions in the coming weeks.

When considering your options, you should know the following about PointClub:

  • Not every panelist is eligible to complete every survey; a fact we’ve already discussed. If you try, but are deemed ineligible, Captain PC has the authority to grant you points regardless of completion.
  • We grant signup bonuses and extra points for completing your initial panelist dossier.
  • We have one of the lower payout thresholds at $25, which you can take as payment to a PayPal account or through a variety of gift card offers.
  • We give away points every day via our Facebook page. Don’t leave out that daily check-in!

Haven’t signed up yet? Now is a great time to begin earning that extra pocket cash! Join PointClub today!

If you have questions on your account, or need clarification on any process, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help.

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  1. James Baker says:

    Great Job PointClub! Your The Best! Salute!

  2. Rhonda Arnaud says:

    By far, “PointClub”, “Captain PC” and all of the staff are the best survey site EVER!!!

  3. Susann Redding says:

    I love PointClub. It’s the best all the way around in my book. The team is super helpful, always courteous, and never leave you hanging. The user interface is fantastic and very easy to navigate. I”ve never had an issue that wasn’t resolved in minutes. I am super stoked about all of the changes and new opportunities to come. Thanks for providing such a great service, and for the opportunity to not only influence companies, but to feel like part of a community. Y’all rock!

  4. Henry ndoro says:

    Great job pointclub…congrats

  5. Yoan says:

    I love you captain p.c and point club the best and incredible survey site which i never seen before.😍😍🤗

  6. CONNIE PETTIT says:

    Wow,I am Thrilled How Good Point Club has come.Love it all!!! Point Club Staff is Totally Awesome and do is captain Pc.Their Awesome if have any issue or problem they will be patient and work you through it.Best Site ever To Get Gift Cards and Surveys are really fun to.

  7. vickie cormier says:

    While I am a newbie I can say the info was amazing and I’m excited to get going!! Great presentation by the way, excellent!!

  8. Leslie Mosiet says:

    Im highly interested taking these surveyes believe it woould a huge difference. Money very tight

  9. I love you captain p.c and point club the best and incredible survey site which i never seen before.

  10. I am going to share and experience I had taking a survey. Before I started I already decided to take the survey to the end enduring the what feels like an eternal loop. I will not let it cause me to quit. I will see it to the end, not for the reward or incentive that it used lure my profile or character. Minutes dropped and the survey is still playing me for its only a software , a machine will no sense of mercy or any emotion for that matter as long as it acquired its purpose. I placed enormous faith that the programmer of this survey got a
    lesson and bring about the best experience for gullible users. The end result exceeded my expectation that the programmer is not compelled to collecting and analyzing data for the betterment of the world we all live
    in but that its purpose is to grab your attention, demean your intellect and make sure that you do not possess the right card..not a debit but a credit card to complete the survey. I did not quit I was arrested.
    Those programmers make it difficult if not impossible for real life heroes to contribute clear honest communication between two points that produce trust and meaningful relationships that makes life enjoyable to experience.

  11. I left a comment earlier and started to nod out while I was typing it. I read it just now and it was a bunch of rubbish. I had delete it. I will never take another survey if I am sleepy because nothing good will come from anyone half asleep while taking one. I

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