Welcome to PointClub’s Renovated Headquarters!


PointClub’s command center has been renovated! All the important stuff is still there, but we have added – and will continue to add – some new and fun features. We figure if you’re going to be completing surveys to earn those points for payout, you might as well have fun while you do it. Right? Right? Right!

PCHQ Reveal Banner

DailySweeps ShoutBox Up Front and (slightly right of) Center!

Are you one of our members who wait with great anticipation for the DailySweeps code to be posted to Facebook? (Hint: If you don’t, you should.) We’ve made the DailySweeps ShoutBox easy to spot and available on each page of the renovated site. Check out the “Stuff you Might Like” sidebar and that DailySweeps ShoutBox is right at the top.

Just copy and paste that code each day, and “like” the original post on Facebook, and you might win 1,000 points!

Speaking of “Stuff You Might Like”

That handy dandy sidebar offers a wealth of information and fun! You should note that the content when you’re on your Missions page is different than the content when you’re on your PointBank page.

What might you find there? So glad you asked!

  • Highlighted storylines from our Member GuideBook. Learn the Origin of Captain PC. Learn who the heck Dennis the Overseer might be. And did you know Penny Wise and Lady PC are one in the same?
  • Links to Tips and Tricks, either in our Member GuideBook or the PointClub blog!
  • Spotlights on some of your Reward options. You can receive payout via directly to Paypal or select from our variety of gift card options.
  • Current and past quizzes to do for fun (and maybe even points!)

The sidebar is updated each week! We shift around content and add new things.

Access the Member GuideBook from any page!

Wherever you might be on the PointClub site, you can easily access the updated Member GuideBook. Check out the bottom left corner. Click on that icon and page one of the GuideBook will open for you. What might you find here?

  • The Super-Powered World of PointClub. What is a survey distress signal? How do missions work to save the world from the chaos of not knowing? Learn that here.
  • Guidelines, Rules, and Tips. Learn to be the best survey superhero you can be. Know what to do, how to do it, and all the while avoid the downfalls and temptations of Super Villains!
  • Every Superhero has an origin story, and at PCHQ we have plenty of superheroes. Learn where they came from and why they do what they do.

Easy to Find and Utilize Help Center

We are here to help, and we’re making it easier for you to find the information you need. On any page of the site, check out the bottom right corner for the Help Center. Here you can read a variety of Frequently Asked Questions to help you in your superhero journey.

Can’t find what you need? Have a specific question on your account? You can send an email to help@pointclub.com or use the contact form available in the Help Center.

These updates are just the beginning. As we add more elements we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. We want to be THE BEST survey site, and we’re working hard to get there. We’ll cover more features and new additions in the coming weeks.

When considering your options, you should know the following about PointClub:

  • Not every panelist is eligible to complete every survey; a fact we’ve already discussed. If you try, but are deemed ineligible, Captain PC has the authority to grant you points regardless of completion.
  • We grant signup bonuses and extra points for completing your initial panelist dossier.
  • We have one of the lower payout thresholds at $25, which you can take as payment to a Paypal account or through a variety of gift card offers.
  • We give away points every day via our Facebook page. Don’t leave out that daily checkin!

Haven’t signed up yet? Now is a great time to begin earning that extra pocket cash! Join Pointclub today!

If you have questions on your account, or need clarification on any process, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help.

59 Responses

  1. Lam says:

    Thenk you

  2. Sandy Olle says:

    I just wanted to say that you are now my “most favorite” survey site. Your web page is so well organized, fun to read, and you genuinely appear to care about your survey takers. Really glad I joined when you first started. Thanks!

  3. Rhonda Arnaud says:

    Although I was a little afraid of the new webpage, I do appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. I have not mastered my way around quite yet, but I am getting there. With that being said, I want to say that “PointClub”, “Captain PC”, “Lady PC” & all staffers are so helpful, dedicated, hardworking, honest, witty and all around wonderful!!! “POINTCLUB” has one of the best payouts which are done in a very reasonable time. I am a very satisfied and happy “Clubber” who has & will continue to share your website. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this awesome community of clubbers and for the blessings of being able to make extra cash for my extras!!!

  4. BBWBabebilla says:

    Keep functioning ,terrific job!

  5. Sheryl Evans says:

    I think this was a great update to the site. I think it is far much better to understand and navigate around. Job well done, I love it

  6. Nancy says:

    Got it, thanks!

  7. Jean says:

    😀 Not to be the Grammar Police, but: “…Penny Wise and Lady PC are one in the same?” should be “one *and* the same.”

    I want to tell you, the past few days (I’ve just joined) I’ve spent more time reading the member guide and blog than I have doing surveys. Love it! And I really, really want to know what happens with Penelope and the Roomba/droid. And Dennis? 😉

    I love your site. It’s not boring, and I think I’d come here even if I wasn’t earning anything!

  8. Just wanted to thank you again for getting my cash out rolling,and to taking care of my account mix up ..defitnitelly could of worked out differently and banished me,but you took time out and collaborated with all the super heroes there and rectified it..your site is my favorite.honesty and integrity is your rule of thumb rock on cap…..

  9. Joyce Winston says:

    I stated 2018, I enjoyed taking all survey some frustrating I don’t work I am retired a question is asked how many employees at your and there are no other answer, of course, you will fail that survey, other than that I enjoy and quickly get points if you stay with it.

  10. Vicki Reeves says:

    I enjoy this site before and now I still enjoy it. I am liking the new format after I got used to it. The only thing I wished is that is didn’t take so long for the points we earn to be approved, but that is just a minor thing. Keep up the good work

  11. Antionette Norman says:


    • Ken says:

      Yes, I also notice it takes a little time for the points to move to an approved status…but it does make business sense. Applying the theme of this web site, you don’t want the villains to get away with the stash of points now, right? All I just did was continue to qualify for and take surveys (and be honest and open with my answers), and before long those points will be approved and you’ll be on your way to reaping the rewards!

  12. James Baker says:

    Awesome, great site! Wish it didn’t take so long fir pending points. I have some over two months!

  13. Catharine Bevona says:

    It is a fun site to go on. Right now I am waiting for my points so I can redeem a gift card. I am 251 away from that momentous event. I think it would be nice to offer games’ mini surveys’ to earn extra points with. Some other sites do that. Also, can you go on Instagram too. I sadly had to close out my Facebook account because someone hacked into it. I can’t do the 1000 daily sweeps any longer.

  14. Ingrid says:

    Have been a Points Club member for a while now. Usually a site update takes a bit of acclimating (don’t even get me started on my bank’s new one) but yours makes such good sense and is very intuitive. Love love LOVE the new and improved!! And the touch of humor you always include is much appreciated. 🙂

  15. Michea Riddle says:

    I love your website! The surveys are fun to complete and you pay very well. I do wish I would get credited quicker for my surveys. I am close to my first payout. I know that once I start being paid, it will be consistent, but it is hard to wait for that first payout! Although I joined in January, I did not start visiting your site and completing the surveys daily until April. I just wish I had started completing the surveys consistently in January!

  16. Rudy Cecchini says:

    Awesome site! One MAJOR pitfall……….waiting….and waiting…and waiting for points that are accumulated to be approved and then waiting some more to receive payment AFTER redemption. Most sites allow you to redeem as soon as you reach the redemption threshold and the money is received within minutes.

  17. Belinda Pearson says:

    Where do I go to cash put a reward for paypal

    • blogpointclub says:

      Hi, Belinda

      Once you’ve logged in and are on your Mission Launcher page, click on PointBank. It is there you can see where you stand with approved points, what points are pending, and make your payout selection.

  18. Maureen McDonald says:

    I love the new update! PointClub is going places! Keep up the good work!

  19. Gino says:

    I love the new site! Totally fun and engaging, which sorta makes up for how long it takes to finish surveys. I’m kinda curious about the stuff showing as coming in July, too. I think I know what Referral Zone is, but what’s Media Lab?? Lots of new ways to make points I hope!

    Keep up the great work, and don’t mind the complainers who don’t earn fast enough. The reality is you guys run a business and can’t be expected to pay people when you don’t get paid yourself. It’d be great if we could cash out points for cards right away, but that’s just gonna encourage hackers to abuse the site. Get over yourselves people! Do the work, be patient, earn your points and stop complaining when the folks at PointClub have to protect themselves from scammers who you KNOW are trying to take advantage of them. And read the stuff in the Member Guide — it’s awesome!!!

  20. Charles Smith says:

    I am getting use to the new site , but i can’t seem to find ( if there is any ) the place where you can go to check
    and update your profile and i have been waitting 8 days now for my payout hopefully it will come thru in the next 2 days

  21. Thomas Stevens says:

    I have been with point club since January 27, 2019. On June 27, 2019 it will be 5 months since I joined point club in that time I have earned enough points to redeem 25,000 points 3 times with another 79,014 points pending. In total in nearly 5 months I have earned $175.00. Once all points are approved. I am also on a 58 day streak with 70% bonus and getting close to an 80% bonus.

  22. Audu Tenshack says:

    Thanks for making part of the team am so grateful to be here

  23. Austin Amadi Smart says:

    Thank you for letting me on your team i am so grateful to points club

  24. Julie Descant says:

    I love this site!!! Thanks for everything.

  25. Robin says:

    Your team has worked very hard with the site updates. Thank you for your time and expense for making your site and surveys more enjoyable. You are the best Point Club!!


    Love points club

  27. shafeeq ahmed says:

    Keep It up

  28. Elias Guzman says:

    I love your pointclub website. Thanks to
    pointclub for being part of it.

  29. Elias Guzman says:

    Thank you pointclub.

  30. Elias Guzman says:


  31. Mowanna Snyder says:

    I enjoy this club and doing surveys to give my opinions.

  32. Johnny says:

    Thank you for the opportunity guys

  33. Patti Cooper says:

    I like the new site now that I can make my way around. I have been a member a long time and loved it when you had games. It looks like you may be bringing them back. This is one of my favorite survey groups. My only complaint is sometimes it seems a little long to get points approved but that isn’t going to keep me from coming back everyday.

  34. CJ Saves says:

    Thanks for all you do!

  35. Jaane Martoccia says:

    New site is nice, wrote support this am regarding the two week wait for points to cash out to PayPal, normally 5-7 days, awaiting a response and am confident it’s because of the change over to the new site, not even worried about it, just saying, expect a delay.

  36. Dana says:

    I am having problems locating where to redeem points. If anyone can explain it to me I would really appreciate it. I attempted to email from the help center, they told me what to look for but I dont see where it is and cannot find it.

    • blogpointclub says:

      We apologize for the confusion there, and we’re working on making the process clearer. If your Points Captured circle shows complete, you can click on your Goals button. This will open a window with the option to redeem.

  37. Noor Ahmed says:

    I have newly join this website, it was a great start

  38. James Bryant says:

    I cant find a place to redeem for paypal.when I click on the mission launch page and click on point bank ,the welcome to your pointbank pic with the girl holding the clipboard covers up most of the right side page.i dont see any redeem buttons at all.

    • blogpointclub says:

      We apologize for the confusion there, and we’re working on making the process clearer. If your Points Captured circle shows complete, you can click on your Goals button. This will open a window with the option to redeem.

  39. Psycholyss says:

    I didn’t get the $5 when I sign up

    • blogpointclub says:

      Good morning!

      A quick review of your account indicates not all steps were completed to earn the first 5,000 points in your PointBank. There are two surveys worth 500 points each to be completed to round out your profile.

      If you have further questions, reach out to Support@PointClub.com for specific assistance.

  40. Frances Armstrong says:

    Love PoitClub web site great surveys always fun exercises to get extra points so glad I join I will be spreading the word. Thanks

  41. Maroian says:


  42. Steve says:

    Good site! One of my favorites!

  43. Warren says:

    Ilove this website great daily survey it more fun

  44. Raymi alexander Tejada says:

    Me gusta mucho la pagina

  45. Erald says:

    I am a new member. Just joined. I have never used a similar page again. First impression seems to be very nice and well organized. Let’s see how it will proceed in the future. Thanks and all the best.

  46. Akinduro Michael says:


  47. nitay ben arosh says:

    i love to read about new things

  48. Barbara says:

    Hi from South Africa. I’m new to the site, its user friendly, and I’m loving it. I like tips u sharing on how to master your processes better. Thank u once again for the opportunity.

  49. Joanna Klyuchenko says:

    Hi, It’s been about two weeks but I still did not get my reward of $25.I also cannot redeem the next $25 -there is no icon to click on Point Club main page. And where are all the surveys and survey rockets have gone?Is it something wrong with the staff or is this just a delay?

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