Everyone’s Crazy For a Sharp Dressed… Dog?

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01112019 National Dress Your Dog Day

Are you a pet owner and you get excited for any opportunity to dress up your best friend? Halloween costumes… Christmas sweaters… Easter Sunday best? Well, congratulations! January 14th each year is “Dress Up Your Pet” day!

And because at PointClub, we love to help you find inspiration, here’s a list of fun pet outfits you can order today. All for under $25.

  1. Marley’s Cable Knitted Dog and Cat Sweater

Here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s winter, and even in the warmer climates, your best friend may be a bit chilled. Few things are more snuggly than a cable knitted sweater. Sweater available in slate blue, rose, and mocha in sizes from x-small to x-large from Chewy.

  1. Your Pet Can Have Team Spirit, too!

Petsmart has an extensive line of clothing for your pet that lets them fly your team colors right along with you. Jerseys, hats, and bandanas for national and college teams! Go, Team! Yay, Sports!

  1. Every Pup Is Working For the Weekend, Just Like You

A comfy tee shirt and a comfy lap is all your pet probably needs. Check out this adorable “Namaste in Bed” tee/pajamas at Petco.

  1. For the Socialite Pet

You’re a socialite, and so is your pup? Well, they can’t be seen in just anything, right? You have a trendy, “everyone who’s anyone will be there” party this Friday night and your four-legged date needs a dress? Well, here you go. Inspired by Scarlet O’Hara, none the less. If high end dressing is your dog’s jam, then check out The Posh Puppy Boutique.

Don’t think putting on the ritz is for your little lady friend; gentlemen like to go out on the town, too. Pick up a Ruff Ruff Tux to go out in style.

The redemption level for PointClub is $25, which you can either have paid to a PayPal account or you can select from a variety of gift cards, including Petco, Target, Walmart and other stores where pet gifts can be found. Here at PointClub, we want to make sure you have plenty of ways to benefit from your work.

When considering your options, you should know the following about PointClub:

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14 Responses

  1. Atul says:

    Yes I’m a dog owner and I dressed him every day for his good health and to protect him from dust or his friends meet up in the evening this is why every dog owner should do at least one thing,dress up your pet regularly.

  2. mariellen gallentine says:

    I just signed up, I would’ve enjoyed doing this with my Skye. Well maybe another time if one comes up. But I bet everyone has fun with this , Does everyone post pictures of this ? If not, everyone should post pics of their babies all dressed up !

  3. Kim says:

    do not dress up my pets, they do not like it..I have only tried a sweater on my dog when I take her ourside to keep her warm and she hates it…but as for costumes, NO

  4. Gloria Ann Warren says:

    I would love to find affordable outfits for my dog

  5. Penny says:

    My little Pomeranian ” foxygirl” Loves getting dressed up, with her bow’s in her hair to match…lol…
    She loves the attention as well as the photo shoot she knows is coming 🐩
    Some may disagree but foxygirl loves the bonding time we have when it’s grooming or just dress up day 😆

  6. lora doubra says:

    nice one dear

  7. I love to wear anything thats good to my dog
    Any clothes to wear…that fitted on it.

  8. assia says:

    Yes I’m a dog owner and I dressed him every day for his good health and to protect him from dust or his friends meet up in the evening this is why every dog owner should do at least one thing,dress up your pet regularly.

  9. The best classically dresses and men wear for man’ s best friend.

  10. Christal says:

    Before my little Spot past on.
    I normally make unique clothing for him every chance I got

  11. Terri Trejo Reyes says:

    I have 3 Chihuahuas, and all three love to dress up, they know when they are being talked about , they tend to show off.

  12. budkassidy says:


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