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World Kindness Day was established in 1997 by the World Kindness Movement to promote kindness and thoughtfulness toward others. It is observed November 13th of each year. You may be wondering at this point what connects World Kindness Day and completing surveys online for rewards with Pointclub.

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Did you know that you can opt to have your reward earnings gifted to a variety of charities? Many of us would love to give more but find it difficult to find the money or time. Using your PointClub rewards to contribute to a good cause may be the solution you need.

Here are a few of the options available (note: options change from time to time, and this is not a complete list).

The Nature Conservancy

From their website: No other nonprofit has done more to advance conservation around the world. That’s why your contribution is so much more than charity; it’s an investment in the future of our planet.

World of Children

From their website: We are an organization that raises money to fund, elevate and educate the world’s bravest heroes who are running high-impact programs to protect, nurture, educate and heal the most vulnerable children.

American Cancer Society

From their website: When it comes to cancer, we are the only organization attacking from every angle. Meet the people who are living proof.

Grameen Foundation

From their website: Today, Grameen Foundation continues to expand and strengthen its programs, partnerships and geographic reach to enable the poor, especially women, to create a world without poverty and hunger.

Habitat for Humanity

From their website: Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. We believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities.

Special Olympics

From their website: Through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success. Our athletes inspire people in their communities and elsewhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talent and potential.

Here is how to either set or update your goal/gift card selection:

  1. Log in to your PointClub account.
  2. Click on your PointClub PointBank.
  3. At the PointBank popup, click “Set your Goal.”
  4. Click on “Select the Target Reward Level” and select the points you want to set as your goal.
  5. Next select the charity of your choice.
  6. Then click “That’s My Goal” and you will be all done.

Please note that our charity giving options can change.

Are you a representative for a charity that might benefit from our program? We would love the opportunity to communicate with you. Please send an email with charity details to PanelOperations@InnovateMR.com.

Not a member of PointClub yet?

When considering your options, you should know the following about PointClub:

  • Not every panelist is eligible to complete every survey. If you try, but are deemed ineligible, Captain PC has the authority to grant you points regardless of completion (some limitations apply). We are the only online survey site to provide this payout.
  • We grant signup bonuses and extra points for completing your initial panelist dossier.
  • We have one of the lower payout thresholds at $25, which you can take as payment to a Paypal account or through a variety of gift card offers.
  • We give away points every day via our Facebook page. Don’t leave out that daily check in!

Haven’t signed up yet? Now is a great time to begin earning for your chosen charity. Join Pointclub today!

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  1. Heather Gleason says:

    That’s a nice option to be able to give some of our points to charity. Thanks for sharing kindness!

  2. Joe Z says:

    It is nice to know I am able to contribute to a charity if I wanted. Giving to charities is very rewarding.

  3. Nzube says:

    It is a good quality to see as many as possible being rationalize to form an equalizer in time of need

  4. Randall says:

    It’s something nice the publishers from the pointclub is doing for the people in need of a break

  5. Yolanda says:

    I absolutely agree it is a nice gesture to be able to give some of our points to charity. I enjoy being able to give during a time that I may not normally be able to donate on my own.

  6. Greg says:

    Yes it does make a good cost to give to chartiy.Especially when you’ve just lost your job at a time like this when you can’t be able to donate on your own.

  7. Latoya says:

    Yes it do to make a good point

  8. You can still have some cash to spend in the house.This shows kindness in their part

  9. Simo says:

    It’s real look as good as much better than other sources .

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