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Meet PointClub, One of the Best Online Paid Survey Sites

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We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our members love our fun surveys and the generous points they earn. Learn more about how we pay our members, and what makes us one of the most popular destinations for online surveys.

You Get Points for Participating

The way you get paid to do online surveys on our site is simple. You start a survey and you bank your points in your member account. We award some points for just starting a survey, and the full amount of points for finishing. It’s important to note that we’re the only survey site that rewards points for incomplete or abandoned surveys.

Here’s how it works. First, you’ll be invited to a survey. This invitation process is based on the survey host’s (the company who wants the survey done) criteria. The more narrow the audience needs to be or the longer the survey takes, the more points you’ll get.

For example, a narrow survey audience might look like this: People who live in the Eastern U.S. and have used an electric room heater in the last 3 months. If you meet those criteria, you’re more likely to get invited to participate.

Be patient when it comes to getting invited to surveys. Like every survey site out there, a limited number of surveys will be available to each person. This is why it’s a good idea to diversify by joining several different reputable survey sites. This will help increase your chances for qualifying for multiple surveys.

How Much Does Point Club Pay?

Each of our surveys pays an average of 200 to 2000+ points. The higher paying surveys either take longer to complete or require a very narrow audience. Each point is worth $.0001, so it takes 1000 points to earn one dollar. The survey host must approve surveys before points are awarded to your member account. This usually takes about two to four weeks.

How Can I Earn Extra Points?

You can get $5.00 instantly added to your account as a signup bonus for joining today. An extra 500 points can be earned when you provide us with an email address or sign up through Google or Facebook. You can also earn 500 points for filling out our registration form, and another 1000 points for confirming your email address. That’s $7.00 waiting for you right now.

Join PointClub Today

We’re 100% free to join. Once you reach a certain threshold, your points can be traded in for gift cards (digital or physical cards) or cash.

See how rewarding our surveys are by signing up today!

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