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How Much Money Can You Get Paid for Online Surveys?

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If you’ve every thought about doing online paid survey jobs, you’ve probably also asked yourself how much you can make from them. Every site offers different amounts and types of rewards for participation, but here are a few guidelines to help you better understand how earnings are made.

Sign-On Bonus

If a sign on bonus is bigger than what other survey sites are offering, beware. You’ll typically see bonuses anywhere from $2 to $10. A huge promise for signing up is usually a red flag for a scam.

Often times, bonuses are given when you sign up and start a profile. Other times, you may not get your sign-up bonus until you complete your first survey.

Since survey participation is decided on a number of factors that stem from what’s inside of your user profile, be sure to fill your profile out completely. You’ll get invited to more surveys (and higher paying ones!) just for having a well-constructed profile.

Some sign on bonuses are only awarded after you reach a certain earning threshold. This can take time, so be sure to check back with that site often to see if any new surveys are waiting for you to complete.

Serious survey participants can sign up with multiple sites and earn a sign up bonus on each site. Be sure to document the site, amount promised, and requirements for earning the bonus so that you can keep track of what is rightfully yours.

Earning Cash for Legitimate Paid Online Surveys

Some survey sites award cash, which can be received in the form of a check, Visa gift card, or PayPal credit. Most sites offer a small amount of cash for each completed survey. If you stick to the highest-paying sites, you can earn anywhere from $12 to $18 an hour (according to several real-life survey pros).

Completing surveys won’t make you rich, but they’re a great way to earn a little extra cash in your spare time. Lots of members complete their surveys while watching TV at home, relaxing at a coffee shop, or hanging out by the pool.

Earning Points on Top Paid Online Survey Sites

Points are the same as cash. If you find a site that offers points instead of cash, don’t shy away. In some cases, you could actually get paid more than on a cash-only paying site. This is because points can be traded in for gift cards at stores where you already spend your money. This can obviously save you money on things like eating out and shopping online.

Another way that points are even better than cash – Point Club offers members points for surveys, even if they’re not able to complete them. That’s right! Other sites that pay cash, prizes, or points don’t offer this benefit. In fact, Point Club is the only site that rewards you for every survey you start. Period.

Join today to start earning points toward cash and gift cards to your favorite stores. Right now, we’re offering a $5.00 signup bonus just for registering!

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