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Types of Surveys that Can Make Life More Fun

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You might not equate surveys with having a good time, but many of them can actually be fun. Some of these surveys you may have seen on social media (which celebrity you are based on your favorite food).

The following fun survey ideas can make life richer, so read on and let us know which ones you tried.

Polling Friends for Suggestions

Wondering what theme to use for your next big event? Why not send a poll out to your friends along with the e-invite and let them decide? You’ll just need to have a few themes for the answer options, and then an option to select “other” so they can suggest their own ideas.

You can take this one step further by getting invitees involved in the planning process. For example, you can poll guests for game ideas for a bridal shower, favors to give away for a bachelorette party, or anything else that comes to mind.

Being involved in the planning of an event can help guests get connected with each other online so that they don’t feel awkward in person when they finally meet!

Dinner Party Icebreakers

Ask your guests to answer a poll to help choose the dinner menu (a themed menu is so much fun to plan!). You can also ask them to respond with one truth and one lie. On the night of the party, read each person’s truth and lie and ask everyone else to guess which one is which. This can be a great way for guests to laugh together while getting to know one another.

Trivial Pursuit: Party Edition

If you love to host game nights, a poll can help you create a customized game of Trivial Pursuit where the questions and answers come from the guests. You can gather everyone’s contributions and organize them into topics. Some of these might include:

  • Entertainment
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • Culture
  • Destinations
  • Foods

Ice Cream Sundae Party

Why not create a poll where the guests choose the ice cream flavors and the toppings? This can be a fun way to create crazy ice cream concoctions that will bring out everyone’s creative side. You can start the poll off with a few “plain Jane” suggestions, and then list several more unusual topping suggestions. Be sure to let people check off “other” and provide their own suggestions.

Online Surveys About Your Favorite Products and Services

Did you know that you could sign up to get paid to take surveys online? It’s true! Not only are these surveys fun and interesting, your time will be worth the money. Survey topics range from technology and mobile devices to services and online shopping…and everything in between!

Something to remember is that not all of the sites that offer free online paid surveys are able to send each member enough surveys to keep them busy. That’s why we suggest signing up with multiple reputable, legitimate sites. This will increase your chances of getting invited to an array of online paid surveys jobs.

Join Point Club For Free

Point Club is free to join and offers members a fun way to earn points that can be cashed in for gift cards at all of their favorite online stores. All you have to do is join today and fill out your member profile to start getting invited to participate in surveys.

And Point Club is the ONLY online paid survey site that rewards its members with points, even if they have to abandon their survey before completing it.

We look forward to welcoming you as our next new member!

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