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Captain PC’s BONUS Earning Opportunities

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Looking to earn even more money? Never fear, Captain PC is here! I’ve used my super powers to extend you BONUS earning opportunities beyond my beloved PointClub!

First, gain insider knowledge about survey and rewards programs and to maximize your online earning potential by subscribing to:


Paid Survey Update
Subscribe to Paid Survey Update Learn about the easiest and most lucrative programs online. It’s free to subscribe and does all the hard work of organizing the best opportunities and delivering right to your inbox.

Second, it’s time Earn $11.00 right now by simply registering with these two programs:


Join Jobs2Shop
– $5.00 Welcome Bonus – Earn cash by doing activities that range from becoming a Mystery Shopper to participating in online Offers to Sharing your Opinion on products and services.


Cross Media Panel
Join the Cross Media Panel – $6.00 Welcome Bonus – Earn cash while help improving products like YouTube, Chrome, and Android.

Finally, can’t get enough of Captain PC’s amazing opportunities? Here’s some great additional programs I think you will like:


purina2 (1)
Join the Purina Petcentric Newsletter – Filled with amazing For expert tips and adorable cats and dogs, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.


vsc2 (1)
Join the Value Seekers Club from Dollar Tree
 – Get access to members-only contests, money-saving party ideas, crafts, recipes, exclusive product sneak peeks & more!


disney (1)
FREE Disney Resort Videos – Been thinking about a family vacation? Why not pay Mickey a visit? Your FREE planning videos include complete tour of the Orlando and Anaheim Parks, provides affordable ways to play and stay during your Disney vacation, plus personalized tips, and information on special events.

Until Next Time,

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– Captain PC for

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