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Participating in Medical Studies

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Medical studies are similar to clinical trials, however, the difference is that clinical trials are focused on a specific treatment approach or are concentrated on one illness.

Medical studies are more generalized in nature. Medical studies are broad and tend to utilize a variety of tactics to combat various behaviors, illnesses, or habits. While a clinical trial might be looking for people to test a new weight loss drug, a medical study might ask people to watch fitness videos and then ask them to reveal what was effective and what wasn’t.

Medical studies might ask for participants who are a certain age and who smoke. These participants can then be asked to report to the facility and then smoke cigarettes while being shown anti-smoking ads or be asked to smoke for an extended period of time while being asked to answer questions regarding cravings.

As with clinical trials, be sure to do your homework and pay attention when the medical study and its requirements are being explained to you. Seriously consider any possible side effects. Is the reward going to outweigh any conceivable negative outcomes?

Captain PC does not want any of his Point Clubbers to put themselves in harm’s way. That being said, if there’s a way to help other’s without hurting yourself, that’s got to bring some good karma. Who couldn’t use a little more positive karma coming their way?

Namaste, Point Clubbers!

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